FM Transmitters for Wholesale

Please note, the FM Transmitters sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

MP3 FM Transmitters are devices used to broadcast music from cell phones to the car radio. An FM Transmitter is needed to send the cellular signal to the radio. They are extremely easy to use, and all MP3 FM transmitters come with a 3.5mm cable that is compatible universally with nearly all cell phones.

We are a bulk distributor of high quality accessories, such as mp3 fm transmitters, across Canada. FM Transmitters are amongst the top selling accessory in our entire wholesale electronics catalogue!

FM Transmitters for Samsung, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia etc., use their compact electronics to transmit music from the phone to the car's radio. In other words, they enable anyone to play music from the phone to their car. There is no setup required - simply plug in the cable provided into the phone and it will start working.

Our top quality wholesale FM transmitters ensure that the music transmitted is crisp, clear and seamless. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to use for anyone. Many FM transmitters we provide also work with SD cards and flash memory sticks - this is a useful feature for your customers who don't own a phone.

Some FM Transmitters come with pre-set channels whereas others will automatically seek an available radio channel to play the music. This ensures ease of use.

We have been wholesaling FM transmitters since starting business in 2009. They sell extremely well so we recommend them to all our customers.

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