Leather Cases for Wholesale

Please note, the Leather Cases sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

Leather cases are cell phone pouches designed for aesthetics as well as for practical use. Some leather cases come with a snap-on or belt clip that attaches to the belt. They are especially convenient for professional workers who need to work with their hands-free. Leather covers come in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Budget Electronics was established in 2009 with the specific goal of providing wholesale cell phone accessories to retailers. As one of the top cell phone accessories distributor in Canada, we are committed to serving quality products at a low cost point.

Wholesale cell phone leather cases and pouches are popular amongst our customers. Many construction and out-door workers find it convenient to rely on a hands-free easy solution to access their cellular devices.

Cell phone pouches come in two popular styles; vertical and horizontal orientation. The vertical cases usually have a snap on clip to cling on to the belt. Leather cases with clips are very popular, more so than the ones without them.

We wholesale leather cases in numerous styles, colors, and designs to meet the needs of any customer making a purchase at your cell phone store or kiosk.

Cell phone pouches are great for protecting your customer's phone from water damage and scratches. In Canada, they are especially popular during winter. For this reason, some of our retail customers give these cases away as promotional items when their client purchases a phone.

We wholesale cell phone pouches mostly for BlackBerry and iPhone as these are always in demand. Moreover, we also wholesale universal leather cases. The universal leather cases will fit the majority of phones on the market; such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, etc. Amongst our leather covers, the universal leather cases are in the most demand.