Screen Protectors for Wholesale

Please note, the Screen Protectors sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

Screen protectors offer a cheap solution for preventing scratches on smart phone screens. Most screen protectors come in the form of plain/clear, mirror, or anti-glare/anti-thumb impression. The anti-glare/thumb impression screen protectors differentiate from the plain/clear screen protectors because they leave no thumb marks on the screen. As a result, anti-glare screen protectors sell the best. Budget Electronics carries screen protectors for nearly all popular smart phones in Canada.

The screen size of most phones has significantly increased over the past few years as the market became saturated with smart phones. Large LCD screens are prone to damage. Screen protectors help prevent this damage by applying a layer of thin transparent sheet on the cell phone screen itself. This way, screen protectors avoid scratches, finger prints and smears. In Canada, during winter and rainy season, they also help resist against moisture and water damage.

Due to the varying dimensions of the smart phones, each model requires a unique screen protector. At Budget Electronics, we carry wholesale screen guards for numerous popular brands. We vet the market to support screen protectors for the most popular phones - this means that as a reseller, you will only receive protectors that sell the most.

We are a major distributor of wholesale cell phone screen protectors in Canada. Some of the major brands we support include Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Huawei. The screen protectors for Apple iPhone tends to sell the most, followed by Samsung and BlackBerry.

Screen protectors generally come in three varieties:

  • Plain Screen Protectors
  • Anti-Glare Screen Protectors
  • Mirror Screen Protectors
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Plain or Clear screen protectors provide a simple transparent protection for the phone screen. Whereas, the anti-glare also block harmful UV rays by reducing cell phone glare, and also helps avoid thumb impressions on the screen. Anti-glare screen protectors are becoming increasingly popular amongst smart phone owners.

Mirror screen protectors are made up of special material that turns into a mirror when the cell phone is off. When the cell phone backlight is on, the screen becomes crystal clear and readable. This type of screen protector is often popular amongst women.

Our screen guards are strong, durable, smooth and free of bubbles. The protectors are easy to apply, but are also easy to remove, wash, and re-apply. It is important to buy screen protectors that don't leave bubbles on the screen. Our screen protectors don't.

Browse through our selection of wholesale screen protectors, and check out our prices. We know you'll be pleased with our rock-bottom prices, which will allow you to stock up on these in-demand items.