Car & Home Chargers for Wholesale

Please note, the Car & Home Chargers sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

Car and Home/Travel chargers are an essential accessory for cell phones. Most smart phones these days come pre-packed with home chargers; so as a result, car chargers tend to sell better than home chargers. Nonetheless, many people prefer to buy multiple chargers for their home and office and therefore both home and car chargers sell very well.

Mobile chargers are an essential accessory for any retailer of cellular and electronics accessories. Smart phones today are used for calling, playing games, listening to music, watching video, and surfing the internet. These activities are battery intensive operations, especially considering that a considerable charge needs to be supplied to the large LCD screens of today's phones. Home and Car chargers are a necessity for everyone.

At Budget Electronics, it is possible to find wholesale cell phone chargers at a low price delivered anywhere in Canada. In addition to offering chargers made specifically to fit devices such as the BlackBerry, we also have Universal Chargers that are compatible with every cell phone out there. With our wide assortment, it is possible to find Wholesale home and car chargers for numerous phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, PSP, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, etc.

One of our top wholesale cell phone accessories in Canada is the Universal Cell phone charger as it offers the convenience of selling products to any of your customers. Other resellers prefer owning individual chargers. Aside for home and car chargers, we also offer wholesale universal battery chargers that can power any smart phone or digital cameras with power.

It is worth noting that most smart phones come with a home charger when the phone is bought. Due to this reason, car chargers, which are not included with the original phone, are more popular than home chargers. However, all kinds of chargers get damaged and often need replacement. Due to the necessity of owning a charger, the wholesale cell phone chargers are a must for any reseller or retailer.

Many customers prefer owning multiple chargers so that they may supply power from anywhere; home, cars, office, etc.

Other customers need more than one charger for their phones since the cellular battery of older phones can get drained quickly.

The growing trend in the market is to support a new charging port known as a Micro USB. This means that a growing number of mobile manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and BlackBerry, are beginning to drop their proprietary charging ports in favor of the micro USB. As a result, your store may stock home and car chargers for just the micro USB and still be able to support most devices. Thanks to this you will need to spend less capital on buying chargers to fit all phones on a tight budget.

Our wholesale chargers for iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, etc. are of excellent quality made available at a low price. We have happy and repeat customers across Canada for wholesale chargers of all sorts. Please browse across our website for an excellent assortment of accessories to fit your store or call us at your convenience.