Charging Cables for Wholesale

Please note, the Charging Cables sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

USB data cables offer the ability to charge cell phones via laptop or desktop computers. Many people often purchase multiple data cables in order to keep their phones charged at both home and the office. Every phone requires a special type of USB data cable - Budget Electronics wholesales a large variety of charging cables for the most popular cell phones in Canada.

As a retailer of cellular accessories you likely offer numerous accessories for personalizing the look and feel of cell phones; such as offering cell phone cases. While these improve the aesthetics of the device, it is also important to provide your customers functional accessories such as chargers and data cables.

Every cell phone requires charging cables. These data cables are usually provided by the original device manufacturer. However, most people prefer owning multiple data cables for home and office, and many a times the data cables get lost or broken and require replacement. This is why data cables are in good demand.

Moreover, smartphones these days perform many battery intensive operations such as multimedia video, and internet, etc. This means that a conveniently available charging cable is necessary to keep the phones operational.

Cell phones can be charged by various means, but most common is using the USB data cable. A USB data cable makes it possible to charge the phone while also allow the transfer of "data" to the computer. In other words, a data cable can also be used to transfer contacts, photos, music, and videos between the computer and the cell phone.

It is important to note that every cell phone has a different specification for the data pin. In other words, a data cable for Sony Ericsson phones might not necessarily work with Samsung phones. At Budget Electronics, we provide a variety of wholesale USB data cables to service all brands of phones; such as wholesale charging cables for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, BlackBerry, and Apple.

We also provide universal data cables that will work with all cell phones. These cables come with several popular pins to make it possible to charge all sorts of phones, including digital cameras!

The most popular USB data cable in the market is the micro USB pin. The micro USB charging cables work with all the latest BlackBerry and Android phones. Even more phones in the future are expected to adopt the micro USB standard for data cables. The second most popular USB data cable is the charging cables for Apple devices. All Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod and iPad, share a common charging pin.

You will find that our wholesale USB data cables are offered at a great price. Our charging cables are long and strong. Nearly all our data cables are offered in aesthetically appeasing retail packaging.