Batteries for Wholesale

Please note, the Batteries sold on this website are for wholesale customers only (i.e. cell phone shops, retailers and variety stores).

Cell phone batteries are an essential item for every mobile device. Batteries sell extremely well and offer good profit for the retailers. Cellular batteries are cheap to buy and easy to store. Every cell phone requires a different battery model so knowing the phone models is important when purchasing batteries. Budget Electronics sells batteries for the most popular smart phones in the market.

A good cell phone battery is a must for smart phones these days as they are relied upon for battery intensive operations; such as, surfing the internet, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and making calls. Each phone has a battery specific to its model. For example, BlackBerry has several batteries for their numerous phone models such as BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Storm, Torch, and Pearl.

At Budget Electronics, we carry a wide selection of wholesale cell phones batteries. We offer batteries for the most popular cell phone brands, including Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and iPhone, to name just a few.

Quality and value are both important so take advantage of our professional quality products and competitive wholesale pricing for all your cell phone accessory needs.

Cell phone batteries come in different capacities. The number of cells within a battery indicates the lasting charge within. For example, various other wholesalers sell batteries of low quality. You can tell the difference by simply comparing the weight of batteries (heavier batteries tend to be better quality due to more cells inside). We provide the highest quality of batteries on the market with AAA ratings.

There is a huge demand for batteries. Some batteries get water damaged; a small white strip on the battery indicates if it has been damaged by moisture. Moreover, older batteries tend to run out of charge, something known as the "memory effect". This can happen to any form of electronics; cell phones, clocks, laptops, etc. For this reason, the batteries need to be replaced often in order to keep the electronics operational.

Cell phone batteries are easy to replace on most phones. For iPhone, however, the sealed back cover must be opened using special tools.

It is worth noting that there is less demand for batteries compatible with newer phones as their newer batteries doesn't immediately require a replacement.

Keeping your store stocked with the best quality cell phone batteries in order to ensure that your customers come back to your store time and time again for all their cellular phone needs.

We offer fresh and reliable cell phone batteries priced at or below wholesale prices. Browse our online catalogue for all sorts of batteries and chargers available for mobile resellers.